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Top plate and firebox doors are made of cast iron.
This stove is available in 5 colours.
MAGIC brings comfort radiant heat into every space. Exhaust outlet on the top plate saves space in your room.
Dimensions: 83.5 cm high, 49 cm wide, 51 cm deep.
120mm pipe connection.
Fantastic 79% efficiency.
Recommended fuels: wood logs, wood briquettes.
Large and easy to use combustion chamber.
The doors are large and can be opened up to 180 °. It is very comfortable to refuel the stove.
Dimensions of combustion chamber: 30cm wide, 35cm deep, 25cm high.
Wood logs longer than 40cm also fit into the combustion chamber (not straight but diagonal).
The combustion chamber of MAGIC is carefully walled on all sides with vermiculite and / or refractory bricks. Temperature fluctuations are dampened and the furnace is protected.
Large screen is made of heat-resistant Schott-Robax glass
Practical: large, completely removable ash box
Large wooden shelf in lower part of the stove. Enough space for wood, lighter, cleaning tools, etc.
Moving grate: Lever which rotate a moving grate can be seen right of the ashtray. You can simply shake out the ash and other residues in the ash boxes so that the air can continue to flow unhindered upwards into the combustion chamber.

Way of working

MAGIC heats the space both by direct radiation and by hot air flow.
Cold air enters the furnace trough convection holes and passes around the warm firebox. The flow of warm air rises and leaves trough the slot into the room.
Combination of convection and radiated heat creates a pleasant climate in your living space.

More details

Fire combustion can be optimally controlled with two air regulators. Primary air regulator (ideal when starting the stove), is positioned at the bottom of the door. Regulator for the secondary air is situated above the doors.
Doors and glass panel are carefully sealed. The stove may also be connected to multi-layered chimneys.
The oven has an ingenious airflow system, which allows continuous combustion and keeps the screen largely free of soot. The combustion is always carried out with minimal CO and fine dust emission as well as maximum efficiency.

Optimal priced heating

With this wood-burning stove you will bring cosy, cost-saving and environmentally friendly heat directly into your apartment.

Quality certificates

EN 13240 tested, CE mark available
Fulfils the requirements for emission limit values ​​as well as minimum efficiency according to BImschV 2 (Germany)

Technical specifications

Minimum distance to combustible components: 45cm to the rear, 35cm to the side, 80cm to the front
The stove is air-conditioned.
Heaters for solid fuels
Recommended fuels: logs, brown coal bricks
Nominal heat output: 7 kW
Power range: 5 to 9 kW
Efficiency: 79%
Average exhaust gas temperature at rated heat output: 270.0 ° C
Required delivery pressure at rated heat output: 12 Pa
Exhaust gas flow at nominal heat output: 5.5 g / s
Average CO content of the exhaust gases: 0.076% / 955 mg / m³ (<1250 mg / m³)
Dust emission according to BImschV: 36 mg / m³ (<40 mg / m³)

Heat output

The nominal heat output determined under test conditions is 7 kW.
The actual heating capacity depends on the amount of burned fuel per hour.
EXAMPLE 1 2.8 kg of wood are burned in an hour with a calorific value of 4 kWh / kg with 79% efficiency: actual heating power = 2.8 kg × 4 kWh / kg × 0.79 = 9 kWh
Example 2: In one hour, 1.6 kg of wood is burnt with a calorific value of 4 kWh / kg with 79% efficiency: Actual heating capacity = 1.6 kg × 4 kWh / kg × 0.79 = 5 kWh


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11 kW
7 kW 120 mm
4 kW 10-14 Pa
79 Secondary / Sekundarno
490x510x835 mm
300x350x250 mm
58 Kg

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