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We are a unique group of professionals and enthusiasts dedicated to quality and able to provide optimal solutions which are improving quality of life. We respect the nature and that is why we provide clean, affordable and simple solutions. We love the warmth of home and we want to offer that great feeling to everyone.

Established in 1999. , in the very first decade of its existence, TIM SISTEM has already took one of leading positions in production of wood burning stoves and cookers in the region of Western Balkans and southeastern Europe.
Our first models, only slightly better sheet metal covered fireplaces, have evolved into a beautiful, ceramic-coated stoves, with the highest quality refractory furnace glass and top quality heat-resistant paint.
Today, tens of thousands of TIM SISTEM ‘s stoves and cookers providing a feeling of home and home cooking together with easy and pleasant handling and also providing a great feeling of good savings.

Expensive energy conscious times we live in and the vulnerability of the environment we want for most reasonable possible price and to meet high environmental standards that are verified by the appropriate certificate, give everyone the ability to easily and clean heating.
“TIM SISTEM” production and commercial buildings and warehouses,covering the area of over 7000m2, are ideally positioned in Industrial park Nova Pazova, near Belgrade.

Municipality of Stara Pazova, in whose territory we are situated, is known as a pioneer of private entrepreneurship in the former Yugoslavia and in today ‘s Serbia it is a synonym for the place where people are turning their dreams and ideas into a successful reality.

TIM SISTEM is part of that reality.

Our Capacities