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ALMA MONS cooker is an elegant, rustic cooker made of grey casting, produced in versions with left, right, upper and back flue exhaust, which enables easier connection with chimney. Oven is warming through the circulation of warm air on all five sides, including the back. Bottom of the oven can be removed when cleaning.

Control work:

Handle from the front side above the oven regulates circulation of the warm air around the oven. When the handle is closed, drifting of the air towards the chimney and enables intensity and ability of heating. When the handle is opened, warm air does not drift around the oven and that enables stronger cooking function.


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9 kW 445x410x220 mm
6 kW 10-14 Pa
4 kW Tertiary / Tercijarno
925x550x800 mm
190x350x300 mm
80 Kg
120 mm
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