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Why wood stoves?

Heat, save, preserve.

Wood stoves are a popular and efficient way of heating since the period prior to Benjamin Franklin, who invented the circulating air stove.
Not so long ago, a choice that one family had to heat her home, was limited only to a wood stove.
Today, that choice goes from wood stoves to electric heaters and there are so many ways as the types of housing, but despite that fact that new ideas and ways are emerging, that stoves are changing their design and manufacturing, wood stoves are still very common and very popular choice.
Moreover, in many ways wood heating is getting more popular.

Gas prices and the price of electricity are rising. The average family can spend hundreds and thousands of euros or dollars on heating even of a small and modestly built home. When most of the family budget is spent on energy costs, it is time to seek alternatives.

Heating with wood is one of the most economical way to warm your home and it should be emphasized that this kind of heating is not smoky and polluted one, but clean and easy combustible source of heat.

The stove design has gone a long way from the tarnished metal boxes from the past. Top manufacturers know the market and they have designed a stove that meet multiple needs.

These stoves are made in different sizes and styles to fit into modern interiors.
If you are environmentally conscious, there are different sources of energy. You don’t need to be strictly turned to wood. Pellet stove is a great way to warm your house. Corn, wood pellets or … the choice is yours! Models of wood stoves are not only practical and economical. They can be stylish addition to your interior. There’s nothing better than a good old wood stove to make you nostalgic during long winter nights.
When you make some research on this type of stoves, you begin to realize that the possibility of introducing one of those in your life and your home are enormous.
Whether you decorate your space, looking for an alternative source of heating or explore new ways of preparing food, wood stove and cooker can be a perfect choice for you.

Wood or pellet stoves and cookers are ideal solution for anyone who wants the beauty and warmth of a playful flame in his home.

Modern technology, modern combustion techniques and superbly designed products ensures perfect combustion and thereby perfect heating according to highest security standards on emission of gases.
Simple and dirty metal furnaces, have gradually developed into beautiful, metal or ceramic-coated fireplaces, covered with high-quality refractory glass, which provide you sense of beauty while playful flame is bringing you good memories back.
TIM SISTEM stoves are made in different sizes and are suitable for rooms of various sizes.
Your house floors can be easily protected with glass or metal plates, a high-quality flue pipes and accessories such as “Economizer” are surely carrying out exhaust gases and increasing heating efficiency. Optimal technical solutions combustion itself are further increasing the heating efficiency of chamotte coated firebox.

Benefits of wood or pellet burning stoves:

• The optimal purchase price

• Optimal fuel prices

• Excellent heating characteristics

• Fast flow and heat spreading

• Stoves and cookers on wood or pellets are easy to install

• Easily portable and convenient to move