9 kW 2,3
8 kW
4 kW 120 mm
73 10-14 Pa
580x369x625 mm Tertiary / Tercijarno
487x220x225 mm
75 Kg

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TS-S provides every home with an optimal and economical heating. It is easily transportable stove, simple for handling.

Flue pipe on the upper plate helps you save additional space in your room.

Stove is made of steel sheet and large firebox is covered with vermiculite and charmotte. 

Quality of flue gases is extremely high, because of the high temperatures in the firebox and, therefore, this stove meets the severest ecological standards.

Large ashtray is simple for taking out and cleaning.

Fireproof glass is the first class ROBAX-SHOTT glass.

Control of the primary air’s flow into the firebox is at the bottom of the firebox and the handle under top plate controls the secondary air.

Door and glass are carefully sealed with fireproof seal without asbestos.