11 kW 2,8
10 kW
5 kW 150 mm
76 10-14 Pa
705x434x760 mm Tertiary / Tercijarno
612x286x315 mm
114 Kg

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TS-L is an attractive stove with the largest glass surface on the Serbian market, in its category. It provides a fantastic view of a burning flame in which will your family, friends and you greatly enjoy.

Made of thick steel sheet, TS-L will warm your living room by transmitting heat, especially through the fireproof glass.

Firebox is covered with vermiculite, which enables easy usage and good quality combustion during the high temperatures.

Ashtray can be removed and easily cleaned.

Regulation of the air flow:

Regulator of the primary air’s flow is places at the bottom of the firebox’s door and it is desirable to be completely open during the ignition.

Door of the firebox is sealed with the best German tape seals.

Regulator of the secondary air is places above the firebox’s door, whereas the tertiary air enters from the back part of the stove.

With the optimal combination of the air’s flow, flame will burn long and with the additional combustion of the flue gases will provide you with efficient and inexpensive heating.  

Space for wood putting and cleaning equipment is under the firebox and enables space saving.