11 kW 120 mm
9 kW 220x396,6x325 mm
4 kW 10-14 Pa
81 Tertiary / Tercijarno
490x435x1310 mm
300x370x370 mm
122 Kg

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LEDERATA PLUS is an extraordirary stove that will provide you warmth and true culinary experience. It is ideal for living rooms connected with kitchen. This stove will make your winter nights unforgettable.

It offers optimal and economical heating for every home and is also easily transportable and simple for handling. Flue pipe on the top plate enables space saving.

By transmitting heat and drifting warm air, this stove makes every room warm and comfortable. Top plate and door of the firebox are made of cast iron, and the firebox itself of vermiculite and grey casting.

LEDERATA is available in six different versions with ceramic sides. It possesses high energetic efficiency and optimal heating power with minimal consumption.

Large firebox is covered with chamotte bricks on sides and grey casting on back. High temperature amplitudes do not negatively affect construction of the firebox and the quality of the smoke gases is extremely high as the result of the high temperatures in the firebox. You can use wood logs up to 35 cm and even 40 cm,  if you place them diagonally.

Ashtray is undemanding when it comes to cleaning and next to the bottom part there is a handle which enables simple takeout of the ash in the ashtray and better air flow in the firebox.

Fireproof glass is the first class ROBAX-SHOTT glass.

Control of the primary air’s flow in the firebox is in the bottom part of the firebox’s door.

Space for wood putting and cleaning equipment is under the firebox.

LEDERATA PLUS is made of steel and grey sheet metal.

Door and glass are carefully sealed with fireproof seal without asbestos.

If door has a built-in self-closing spring, stove can be placed on a chimney to which a are connected other heaters.

By controlling flow of the air, flue gases and optimal efficiency and power are being achieved.