10 kW
5 kW 120 mm
3 kW 10-14 Pa
82 Secondary / Sekundarno
390x435x785 mm
200x250x360 mm
50 Kg

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DIANA offers optimal and economical heating for every home and it is easily transportable and simple for handling.
It is made of steel metal with cast iron doors and top plate.
DIANA is produced in two versions: with lateral sides covered with ceramic tiles and with lateral sides made in metal sheets.

Exhaust flue on the upper plate will help you to save space in your room.
Firebox is large and easy for use, grate and grate carrier are made in cast iron.
Wood log can be longer than 30 cm because it can be placed diagonally in the firebox.
Firebox is covered with refractory brick which enables efficient burning and reduces big heat amplitudes in the stove.
Door glass is flame resistant made by German Schott Robax.
Two air flow regulators enable optimal control of the combustion process and stove’s power.
Air flow is projected for the constant adding of fresh air ( primary, secondary and tertiary, which enables clear combustion of good quality and maximal efficiency.

Ashtray is simple for taking out and cleaning and space under the firebox is perfect for storing of wood logs and cleaning tools.

Product is CE certified and compatible with European standard EN 13240.